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Squishy Physics Photo Contest
 Deadline: March 1, 2017
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The School of Physics in collaboration with the Fernbank Science Center organizes the Squishy Physics Photography Contest. The results for the 6th squishy physics saturday are:

Middle school winners

First place: Channeling Vik Muniz using non-newtonian fluids
By: Tristan van Erk – Grade 6
Midtown International School
Teacher: Jamila Serrette

Second place: Spectrum of Gelatin
By: Emma Wilcauskas – Grade 8
Peachtree Charter Middle School
Teacher: Beth Moss

High school winners

First place: 160° Celsius
By: Marilyn Greer Moore – Grade 12
Dekalb School of the Arts
Teacher: Kent Wargowsky

Second place: Sprinkles
By: Aziza Hutcherson – Grade 10
Dekalb School of the Arts
Teacher: Jennifer Mcclendon